Classic Italian Meatballs

We’ve all made meatballs at one point or another but I’ve always been in search of the perfect meatball recipe. A fond memory I had as a little girl was my grandmother bringing meatballs when she came to visit. She made so many that we would freeze them and eat them during the week. Believe it or not, those frozen meatballs were still melt in your mouth delicious! Since then, I’ve always been in search of the perfect meatball recipe. My grandmother has since passed and I was never able to get the secrect ingredients needed but I might have come close with this Pinterest recipe.

My general go-to for meatballs consisted of a beef and Italian sausage mixture but they never seemed quite right or soft enough. Don’t get me wrong they were good, but not the right consistency. Two things I was doing wrong, not soaking the breadcrumbs in milk and not using ground pork. Ground pork is the key (in my opinion) to making melt in your mouth meatballs! I came across this gem of a recipie and it will be my first recommendation to you.

Take my advice and don’t change a thing! These are perfect just the way they are. If you had an Italian grandmother like I did, trust me, this is what your looking for.

As I mentioned, I followed exactly as described and used jarred sauce (I know, jarred sauce) but it’s still a quick and easy way to highlight the main star especially when your making dinner and trying to wrangle kids after a long days work.

Pintrest link below:

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